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Automotive audio and security are two of the most important aspects of your vehicle. When you're in the car, you don't just want to hear your music—you want to hear it at the right volume, with the right bass and treble levels, and without interference. And when you're not driving, you want to feel safe behind the wheel.

That's why we offer a wide variety of audio-enhancing products that let you control the sound quality of your favorite songs or radio stations. Our security devices include cameras that help you keep track of what's going on around your car—and even inside it—and help protect against theft.

The benefits of automotive audio and security are many. Automotive audio and security systems help protect your car from theft by alerting you when it's been tampered with, or if a key is missing. The systems also allow you to lock your car remotely and unlock it remotely, which can be useful in the event that you forget where you parked your car in a crowded parking lot.

Automotive audio systems are great for listening to music while driving, but they can also be used to listen to podcasts or other forms of media. In addition, many cars come equipped with Bluetooth capability so that you can make hands-free calls while driving. Some cars even have built-in navigation systems that tell you how far away from your destination and what side streets will get there faster.

Automotive security systems are important because they help prevent theft, and they ensure that no one breaks into your car while it's parked in a public place like a shopping mall parking lot or movie theater parking lot.


Just as importantly, we make sure that everything we build and install integrates with the remaining factory elements of your vehicle. Each system is different and only years of experience can ensure a successful installation.


At G5 Customs we offer:

Car Stereo Installation
Amplifier Installation
Speaker Installation

A modern sound system is so much more than just a volume knob on your dash— it’s like the control system for your whole system! So, focusing on speakers alone will lead to a sub-par audio experience. We carry all the top brands, including

  • Kenwood,

  • Alpine,

  • Pioneer, and

  • Boston Acoustics.

We always customize the right system for your vehicle based on your fit, style, and budget.  We’ll even make sure your steering wheel controls are synced up to your new system. See how your new car audio system can interact with your custom car navigation system!


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Amplifiers improve the quality and sound of a system even if you aren’t trying to rattle your neighbors’ windows. An amplifier will take a factory stereo system and make every sound level a bit clearer and more detailed. They also are necessary if you wish to have clear sound at very high levels.

For any audiophiles or people who just enjoy high-quality sounds, get your custom amplifier installation today! Our experts are ready to help you make the right decision!



You can have the best stereo and amplifier, but if your speakers are not able to deliver the sounds, none of it really matters. To really catch the full range of sound, it’s best to have dedicated speakers that specialize in high notes, mid-range notes, and lower frequencies together in one integrated system.  Our Raleigh custom speaker installation experts are here to answer any of your questions!



Most vehicles today come with the technology to integrate with Apple’s Care Plan and Google’s Android Auto. These integrations allow drivers to entertain and navigate hands-free as they drive. If you have a vehicle not equipped to integrate this technology, we can easily help you! Benefits of being able to integrate your iPhone or Android device with your care include:

  • Fewer distractions and more safety.

  • Effortless navigation in your car right from your phone.

  • High-quality music streaming.

  • Hands-free texting.

  • Real-time reminders.

  • And more!



The purpose of an equalizer is to gain control over the bandwidth of the frequencies from your system. This can sound pretty technical but as you modify these settings, you’ll get a better feel for how the adjustments change what you’re hearing.

Having an equalizer or sound processor allows you to have greater control over the how the interior of your vehicle interacts with the sound of your stereo. As we build you a custom system, our experts will advise you on how an equalizer or processor might enhance your listening experience.


iphone android integration
Equalizer Processors
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