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There’s nothing worse than having your car stolen or broken into. If you love cars as much as we do, you want to do everything you can to prevent this from happening to your ride.

As car thieves get more advanced, so does car security. Our G5 Customs teams offer:

At G5 Customs, we have every modern upgrade you can think of that will ensure the safety of your vehicle. We have everything you’ll need to make sure your favorite vehicle stays secure.

Car Alarm Installation

Car alarms are annoying, and that’s good. They are meant to make a loud enough racket that people around will stop and look. Since the car thief doesn’t want a lot of people watching him steal a car, they will usually bolt.

Modern alarms still typically use traditional systems. The alarm works by using the car’s own horn and blaring it when someone tries to enter the vehicle.

More sophisticated models will have motion sensors that keep people away from the vehicle entirely— not just from breaking in. There can be an auxiliary battery too, so if someone cuts your car’s battery, the alarm will not be disabled.


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Hands full of groceries? Or maybe you’re trying to get your baby into the car without having to set them down in a busy parking lot? Fumbling around for your keys can make tasks like those difficult.

More and more cars are coming off the lot equipped with keyless entry. When you press a button on your key fob, radio waves are sent to your car that will lock or unlock it. You can even access your car’s lock and unlock functions through your smartphone or voice device.


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Remote starts are a feature many people have come to enjoy! On cold, rainy days, you can start your car and let it warm up before going outside. On hot, sunny days, you can let it cool off.

Here at Sound Station & Security, we have installed this functionality in a variety of makes and models. If you’re interested in it for your car, contact us!



There are a number of reasons you may want to keep track of your vehicles. Many business owners will track their vehicles in case one is stolen or to be aware of the movements of their employees. Parents often put a tracker on their child’s car in order to make sure they are where they say they are and that they are safe. You may just want to track your car for peace of mind.

Regardless of why you want to track a vehicle, GPS (global positioning system) systems are easily installed and can be controlled remotely with your phone or computer. We have a number of GPS options and can expertly install one so you can always be aware of where your vehicle is.

If you’re interested in installing custom GPS tracking, reach out to our team.


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As car thieves get more sophisticated, car security needs to keep up. Some security options you may not have heard about are sensors that detect changes in the car and its environment. Thieves aren’t only after your entire car but often are happy just taking pieces, so it’s important to know the entire car is safe even if nobody touches the door handle.

Let us show you our top-of-the-line array of alarm sensors.

A (shock sensor) detects an impact to the body of the vehicle, such as someone hitting a door panel. It helps protect the body of your car plus will act as a warning vehicle to test if it has an alarms.
Motion sensor is an optional security sensor that detects movement inside, or, in some cases outside the vehicle. Two -Zone / 2-Stage motion sensors provide a warning alert when an exterior zone is violated. Great for jeeps and Convertibles.
A Tilt sensor is an optional security sensor that triggers the alarm whenever your vehicle gets jacked up, for stealing wheels or towing.



Momento backup cams can be added to any vehicle, allowing you to see what’s happening behind you. Their dash cams provide 270 degree surveillance coverage. This footage is triggered to store recording upon impact or shock to your vehicle, giving you video evidence of what occurred.


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Most recent vehicles have a trunk release feature allowing you to press a button on the key fob and access the trunk. In older cars, however, there is only key access to the trunk.

If you are looking to update your lock system entirely, it’s important to make sure you include the trunk release feature or it will be left behind. Some have an updated system or a factory-installed system but the trunk release has simply stopped functioning.

Our technicians can easily create or restore the trunk release function in your vehicle. For prices and options, contact us and our superior installation team can add or repair your trunk release function. 


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