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If you aren’t happy with the glow of your factory-installed driving lights, Sound Station & Security has great replacement options! Modern lighting systems are brighter, last longer, and are more energy efficient. LED lights are great for headlights and can be easily installed.

HID lights are another modern alternative. HID stands for high-intensity discharge lamps, known as Xenon bulbs, and uses a discharge into a cylinder filled with Xenon gas to increase the power of the light.

If you do a lot of driving on dark roads, upgrading to either of these options can be a great way to drive safer. Avoid road hazards with custom LED and HID lighting kits.


The purpose of an equalizer is to gain control over the bandwidth of the frequencies from your system. This can sound pretty technical but as you modify these settings, you’ll get a better feel for how the adjustments change what you’re hearing.

Having an equalizer or sound processor allows you to have greater control over the how the interior of your vehicle interacts with the sound of your stereo. As we build you a custom system, our experts will advise you on how an equalizer or processor might enhance your listening experience.

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